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"The nature is my guide""The nature is my guide"


The main GERMAN INFORMATION WEB page --- www.fk-e.de --- check the NEWS LINK for 2016 there or crolled down here regarding "EMF & electro-mag" impact neutralisations devices!

In German some informations around FMK at WIKIPEDIA "professionals", Libertas, PlusPedia: http://de.pluspedia.org/wiki/Florian_M._K%C3%B6nig. Regarding SFERICS you find basic informations related to FMK at WIKIPEDIA as well: http://de.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Sferic&stable=0&shownotice=1&f...

In 1982: He studied Electronics propounded in transmitting techniques and acoustics in Munich/Germany successfully: Computer aided diffus-field transfer function of headphones and tone effect of spatial tone coloration's.
In Dec. 1990: He founded the ULTRASONE electroacoustics GmbH; now so called Florian M. König Enterprises GmbH as a board for extraordinary research and activities in for instance EMC.
In 1991: Later followed psycho-acoustic investigations in the electro-acoustics headphone system creating a new method to produce a frontal and surround auditory event by headphones without any DSP. Meanwhile scientific investigations brought about 150 patents and patent applications world wide and also more than ~ 100 lectures/publications at different conventions or international symposium's in several aspects of binaural / head-related / psycho-acoustics and health impairing aspects of those head-related magnet field emitting sound sources (and EMF health imp. effects²) since 1991 at the German DAGA's (or joint conference with countries like Austria in 1990, Switzerland in 1998, France in 2004 and at least www.aia-daga.eu in 2013 attended lecturing by F.M.König), German Sound Eng. Symp., AES (see AES pre-prints 1994/1995/1997/²2000/2004....2009), European Forum Acusticum (1996/1999/2005), ²Sound and Vibration 2003 (Stockholm), ICA 2001 (Rome), ²Bio-Medic 2000 (Poland) or going again back at the Bekesy-Memorial-Symposium & EAA/Forum Acusticum 1999. Some papers are downloadable at my upper LINK "Reasearch & Library" or here as well: http://www.ultrasone.com/index.php/en/company/technology/technical-repor...
In 1999: Presenting at TV MUNICH world unique passive tube devices (first & old version) neutralizing effects of man made EMF expositions on humans in a studio - life demo; check the movie here at
http://wetterfuehligkeit.npage.de/get_file.php?id=30680927&vnr=152411 <<>> more technical details of newest tube developments and it's certifications at www.fk-e.de. Herewith the complete TV act movie inclusive chin. subtext: https://youtu.be/YHtNzzCV5JU
In 2000: This variety of substancial knowledge in acoustics and EMF caused a new founding to a stock option company called ULTRASONE AG (www.ultrasone.com - located in Tutzing, Germany), where he was the chief technical and developing officer in head-related acoustic reinforcing devices until 7.2008 (hint: It is/was the follower company of the "ULTRASONE Electroacoustics GmbH" founded in 1990).
In 2004: He finished his promotion study by a dissertation thesis in "Audio spectrum analysis of natural alternating fields in the atmosphere and some unanticipated results" at the Vasile Goldis Western University, Wilmington, Delaware, USA. At the document "Letter of Citation" dated in 04-14-2004 the title "Doctor of Science in Physics Engineering" was demonstrated or decided (hint: http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/FlorianKoenigDiss.4.2004Letter...,
http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/FlorianKoenig_Diss_VGU-Urkunde..., seeing web of the VGU in 2005 http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/www.vg_.edu_WebPage2005.pdf, http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/www.vg_.edu_VasileGoldisW.Univ...,
So the usual abbreviation in America/USA is "D.Sc." (or "Dr.Sc."). This Doctor Degree is like the better known "Ph.D." in Europe or more similar to the German "Dr.rer.nat." (Wikipedia).
In 2007: Presentation of a first SFERICS GENERATOR PROTOTYPE during the MEDICA in November 2007 (Düsseldorf, Germany).
In 2008: Florian M. König moved as CTO / ULTRASONE AG to it's controling/supervisory board in August 2008. Henceforth he forces the management around new SFERICS & EMF protection or product developments based on his own Florian M. König Enterprises GmbH (located in Germering, Germany).
He opened up an “independent digital 3D acoustic labor & studio” including an "academic acoustic / EMF library" at the FKE GmbH. This for instance to support young acousticians, musicians or TV / radio sound engineers to teach and show how to realize podcasts, surround sound recordings related to binaural techniques, headphones and a small studio equipment (hint: For instance IWT 2007 contest winner; see http://www.fk-e.de/musik.html).
Several TV presentations were made in the past 14 Years; in July/August 2008 were presented the last new TV reports regarding "electro-mag", actual German health probleme science discussions by cell or mobile phones and SFERICS portable devices as explained here in START UP, RESEARCH (PDF's) and VIDEO download area.
He is member in different acoustic and EMF societies as the AES, DEGA, VDT, IGWL, RdT and it's different tech. committees, standardizing group DKE-DIN 742.6, Forschungskreis f. Geobiologie Hartmann and IGWL (plus scientific boards), RdT, VdT et cetera.
August 2008: Invited Schumann/Sferics memorial lecture; Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert L. König" at the Intern. Inst. for Biophysics, 22.8.2008 as PDF lecture slides:
"Invisible Environment" = "Unsichtbare Umwelt" is a re-published book around natural EMF research in Dec. 2011 from Prof. Dr.-Ing. Herbert L. König, Techn. University Munich / Germany:
Another link's to my father's work in memory: http://www.prof-dr-fischer-ag.ch/forschung-entwicklung/danksagungen.php & http://de.scribd.com/doc/44386352/9/Kapitel-9-%E2%80%9EDIE-SPRECHSTUNDE%...
11-26-2008 a given 20th anniversary of own patent activities: It was fixed the 131th patent application of Florian M. König (quick search: Go to http://ep.espacenet.com/?locale=en_EP or http://depatisnet.dpma.de and use the "name"). We'll see, what's going on with that.

Nevertheless this research and activities will be continued by some more exciting ideas and planed lectures in 2009 ... The future began:
Final inspirations for new ideas and projects are fluctuating and given enough like "acoustics and 5.1 surround sound mixings via 4.0 headphones". Or so called "Forstcasts" (hint: forest and climate change research), which were produced the first time by Christian B. and Florian M. König; contact us: http://www.klimaschutzliga.com/

Summer 2009 - an extraordinary project for ITALY "?". A consultant for an interconnected huge idea to create an autonomy region ITALY / Ferrara regarding "climate change" aspects to introduce alternative/regenerative energies for "ECO 7 Lidi di Comacchio (FE)"; just how to do it. Read this written in Italian language:

October 2009: Extra-Ordinary lecture at the 127th AES Convention / New York regarding "Surround Sound Track Productions based on a more Channel Headphone"; furthermore a guessed and accepted workshop due to "surround sound mixings via headphones" -> www.aes.org <-
March 2010: Again a lecture on topics as the 127th AES was held in Berlin, because of the 36th DAGA; more at http://2010.daga-tagung.de/. COHERENCE 2010 - "cQED in Matter and in Life", Ten years after Preparata (1942-2000), a held lecture at the Sapienza Univ. of Rome / Italy, April 23th 2010.
October 29th 2010: As mentioned before 20 Years ago F. M. König founded the ULTRASONE electroacoustics GmbH in Dec. 1990; 10 Years ago in June it was transfered to the ULTRASONE AG; many realized patents & lectures were held from F. M. König (http://www.ultrasone.com/index_en.php?level=2&CatID=4.25&inhalt_id=25). Now ULTRASONE AG scoops the first time the state "Bavarian Export Award" of Germany:
The laudation relates to the extraordinary own technique of ULTRASONE 3D sounding headphones, which is based on FMK extracted patent appl. & patents starting with it in 1988; more details at http://depatisnet.dpma.de. No doubts: The whole team of the ULTRASONE AG earned this award! 2010 passes as a very succesful year for the ULTRASONE AG: A prestigious Plus X Award for the high-end headphone Edition 10 is to announce and also many well known stars came into the "Family of Artist Endorsers" too.
In November 2010 "5.1 surround sound recordings" lecture & workshop by FMK at the 26th TMT convention; more at https://www.tonmeister.de/tmt/index.php?p=en2010start <> condluding 2010 the 20th & 30th anniversary in "3D acoustics & surround sound music recordings" are given in Nov./Dec.2010 <> happy moments and huge passed time!
March 2011: Paper and publication seing 20 Years DAGA activities of reasearch in 3D sounds, psycho-acoustics, kids hearing, car acoustics, speech, surround sound headphones and more; http://daga2011.fh-duesseldorf.de/.
May 2011 and a lecture at the "Frühjahrstagung" on 05.22.2011 see www.geobiologie.de: "THE PROOF of body spontaneour rections" - the SFERICS nice weather field emitter device reduces stress effects within a 1-2 minute EMF time period! At a related "geobiologie-club journal" this was German published at "Wetter-Boden-Mensch" no. 2-2011 (see ISSN 0940-5984: http://wetterfuehligkeit.npage.de/get_file.php?id=19898036&vnr=899694); LINK to the lectures movie: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AOU-W0MxBh8
Besides but very important: The above named PROOF relates to scientific research and sponsoring by the www.geobiologie.de via two official decisions in Febr. 2010 and Nov. 2011; an additional "sferics / weather-sensivity study" is managed by http://www.klimaschutzliga.com/ since Jan. 2012 in coorperation with F.M. König / FKE GmbH! This study is under supervision of the Univ. Freiburg / Germany, the Institute for Meteorology.
September 2011: After 25 Years seeing the first CD "Aurora" and MC, Single, LP productions at the own digital surround sound studios in Germering/Germany (hint: film music & new age music) will be published a new CD at www.neptun24.de Munich (direct LINK: http://www.neptun24.de/neptun24/_artikel/cd-01.php?bestnr=535&play=false...). Around the music productions and awards you find more at http://maya-music.npage.de/.
30th September 2011: Partizipation by a lecture at the 8th ICEMS Workshop / VIII Seminario dell’ICEMS in Venice/Italy (www.icems.eu), title: “Atmospheric Electromagnetic Fields and Electrosensitivity Tests via Body Meridian-Feedback”. Here the "non-binding" program contend:
Check this registred movie during this ICEMS event here (English slides / Italian speech): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=52o92yHuE7w
Jan.-Febr.2012 until Dez. 31th 2013: It was suggested and initialized a "meteorosensitivity & sferics EMF test study", how for instance "nice weather EMF" effects in-sito on human body observed by a medical/meridian feedback measurement device by FMK. It is sponsored by http://www.geobiologie.de/ and it's members officially <> held lecture due to the research's status at April 20th 2013 at Eberbach / Germany. The study is prepared and managed of the WKU (http://www.klimaschutzliga.com/). A German "NET-Journal 1/2-2012" announced it in the February issue plus "proband searching FLYER" downloadable via http://www.wetterfuehligkeit.eu/ and a related actual podcast from the "Bayerischer Rundfunk / B5 aktuell / 09.09.2012 is here to listen to: http://www.br-online.de/podcast/mp3-download/b5aktuell/mp3-download-podc... or http://www.wetter.com/wettertv/empfehlungen-wettercom/0_0eyhbkof#/0_0eyh... We are proud to announce that the WKU running study is held under the supervision of the University of Freiburg / Germany and under Prof.Dr. P. Hoeppe's / Munich RE validation (04.05.2013).
May 2012: Synchronized pilot experiments for sferics signal analyze tests in Dresden & Germering (Germany) via new software tooling's by the ISF (http://festenberg.com/).
May-June 2012: Observations of (electro-) magnetic field emissions during the main earthquake time at the May 29th until June 9th on top the epicenter: A spectacular report published in German including many fotographs, check: http://maya-music.npage.de/get_file.php?id=30259338&vnr=968716 .... the data analysis offered many interesting keys to precursor or predict future earthquakes or made "atom bomb test". Question: How does it work to "pre-earthquake" relevant reflected el.-magn. ULF's and very low frequency EMF's seeing sferics or atmospheric weather-related discharges let us "listen (20-300Hz) like an EAR on our ground"; check my BOOK "Die Natur braucht Chaos" (in German, but many English material given on this WEB space). So fare I registred directly on top the epicenter at that "destroying day" May 29th! Check this spectacular LIVE signals dated from 05.29.2012 at Concordia/Italy before hazards came at around 4.30 to 4.45 p.m.:
I measured three times the magnetic fields emissions (ULF) plus VLF-ELF's parallely until June 9th 2012 at the Emilia Romania/Italy. There was no one doing that! Hint: More details and basics check NASDA Reports 2001/2005 and Prof. Hayakawa/JP in Google or wherever. My analysis of all EMF earthquake recording data's are running....I need more time again.
Finally a movie (German speech) during my travel around the earthquake hazards destroyed Concordia & Mirandola area; May/June 2012: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfDJFxY0uQo&feature=youtu.be - good luck there for all people seeing the reconstructions!

11. Nov. 2012: Lecture about weather-sensivity and our research project status (see started research in Jan./Febr.2012 above context); check this You-Tube LINK due to a German speech presentation by Christian & Florian König as extract via http://youtu.be/N3xLZcM3P8s. An exclusive 40 min. German interview due to this research background you can find here; copy this link address (Thema "Hauptsache Mensch" <> "Wetterfühligkeit" = weathersensivity):

22.-25. Nov. 2012: An image due to the meridian feedback live tests as POSTER and TALKBACK sessions during the 27th TONMEISTERTAGUNG in Cologne / Germany (http://www.tonmeister.de/index.php?p=tonmeistertagung/2012):
Check this foto here .... http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/27.TMT-Poster.jpg
And the poster PDF: http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/Poster20.11.12Vortrag27.TMT2Fa...

20th March 2013: Lecture (and paper) for the www.aia-daga.eu due regarding significant statistic results of meridian feedback live tests at TMT27 11.2012: Disturbant NOISE and the POSITIV effects of a nice weather field (sferics emission on humans! Check this link for the paper http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/ExperimentsMeridianFeedback_AI...

5th Oct. 2013: Lecture report regarding the meteorosensivity sferics scientific research project (overview 2012-2013), NET-J./Jupiter-Verlag congress (Blaubeuern, Germany); the lecture YOUTUBE movie LINK: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAPqwLjWoVc and
http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/NET-Journal11-12.2013_Seite13-... complete German congress report to download via http://www.borderlands.de/net_pdf/NET1113S13-25.pdf

March 2014: NEW BOOK in release around "Sferics & Meteorosensitivity - new bio-med. results" (ISBN 978-3-00-045904-7, authors: Florian & Christian König); abstract see http://www.sferics.eu/de/content/books-papers-download
Besides: Final study results presentation lectured at May 24th 2014.

Oct. & Dec. 2014: Spectacular experiments live titled <> "Meteorosensivity / Sferics Study 2014" & added a new "Magnet Coil High-Tech System" presented by lectur's dated for Oct.18th & 25th or Dec. 6th 2014 (at NET-Journal congresses): http://www.borderlands.de, http://www.teslasociety.ch/info/mercure2014/ and a new paper around "burst battery encharging & a LED light's 1/50 low energy consumption system" in German: http://www.borderlands.de/net_pdf/NET0714S28-35.pdf. The same one week later at Fulda / Germany; / IAG Congress (http://www.intergeobiologie.de/iag-kongress/).
Nov. 2014: "Physical-Psychological Effect Detections of "Noise Contra Music" Soundscapes based on Meridian Feedback live Experiments" during the http://www.tonmeister.de/index.php?p=tonmeistertagung/2014. You are wellcome to participate there at the pister / lecture / experiments LIVE!

March 2015: World unique and first <> "body in-sito reaction effects of disturbing noise contra music as wellbeing". Meridian-Feedback measurement short time test results presented during the http://www.daga2015.de/en/ the first time as investigations dated in March 19th 2015 by a aural & poster lecture plus demo's.

Sept. 2015: Actual lecture on Sept. 25th in Algund (BZ, Suedtirol / Italy) at 8.30 p.m.: http://www.sferics.eu/sites/default/files/FaltblattEnergieSfericsVortrae.... Please check this announcements at the "Algunder Magazin", page 6: http://www.gemeinde.algund.bz.it/system/web/GetDocument.ashx?fileid=891903

Oct. 24th/25th 2015: German Jupiter-Verlag-Congress at Stuttgart around "Free Energy & UFO technologies" at Oct. 24./25th 2015 attending by live demo's of an extended Bedini-Ritter-König low energy consumtion device plus hand meridian feedback meteorosensitivity measurements (see upper keys "March 2014" + Oct. & Dec. 2014): http://www.jupiter-verlag.ch/kongresse/auswahl.php <<>> An introducing movie who I'm, seeing my father as Prof. Dr. H. L. König (his dissertation 1958 around the "Schumann-Resonance") and his background at the Techn. University Munich: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9o5PgK3sdMk - or the experimental lecture movie part regarding BEDINI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pzibxPrrQTY

The huge active Year 2 0 1 6 --->> many LECTURES were made at June / Sept. / Oct / Nov. 2016 at congresses by http://www.jupiter-verlag.ch/start_n.htm and beginning paper publications:

>>> For example check this movie seeing a held lecture in June 2016 at Zuerich/Swizerland due to a congress by http://www.borderlands.de/inet.jrnl.php3 <<<<<>>>> A 24 minutes lecture extract around sferics, meteorosensitivity, technics, our pat. appl. electro-mag neutralizing devices in practice shown with audience LIVE reactions (in German, June 18th 2016) see: https://youtu.be/ZKSVfAZNttY

"WORLD PRODUCTS PREMIERE AUGUST-OCTOBER 2016": Presenting new CANS for cars and TUBE DEVICES for home & office which de-stress & vitalize daily life or neutralise man made electro-magn. low/hight frequency field effects on humans at all habitat's!
>>> We can deal this HUMANS LIVE POSITIVE SUPPORTING EFFECTS by this devices based on bio-chemical scientific cell test (study) results; hint: Documentations at http://www.fk-e.de/news.html

>>> This patent appl. passive devices so called MHR's and SHLS are not only proven seeing their POSITIVE effects by bio-chem. cell tests on fibroplasts cell vitality values by http://www.dartsch-scientific.com/ Besides: The given studies reproduce (X times re-tryed) high significantly statistical result due to this "daily helping" CANS & TUBES as a world unique technique now!

>>> They got a CERTIFICATION (see http://www.fk-e.de/Bilder/Testzertifikat_engl_thumbnail.jpeg) for the products effectivity like further medical or consumer products which need a authorization certificate! Further more all bio-chem. cell test research was sponsored by the German government http://www.bayern-innovativ.de/elektromobilitaet/foerderung via an official "Bayern Innvovationsgutschein I" (see http://www.fk-e.de/Bilder/Innovationsgutsch_small.jpg).

>>> Main NEWS basics around this topics are published here: http://www.fk-e.de/news.html. And a short describtion of our world unique products are to download here:
>>> And in English/EN >> http://wetterfuehligkeit.npage.de/get_file.php?id=31768141&vnr=263035
>>> In German/DE as newest FLYER http://wetterfuehligkeit.npage.de/get_file.php?id=32074198&vnr=448869
>>> Or in Italian/IT >> http://wetterfuehligkeit.npage.de/get_file.php?id=31412025&vnr=780123
>>> For Chinese please check this WEB space: http://www.fk-e.de/index_chin.html
>>> Additionally for this item one NEWSLETTER PDF-FILE LINK seeing the actuall SIGNIFICANT repeatable products research results 8.2016 (summery) download: http://wetterfuehligkeit.npage.de/get_file.php?id=31153660&vnr=191544

>>> PART I >>> METEOROSENSITIVITY STUDY 2012-2014 and ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION neutralising devices == a "München TV" interview of Christian & Florian König as first movie in August 2016 (part I) at https://www.muenchen.tv/mediathek/video/der-muenchner-medizintalk-elektr... scientific basics see http://www.fk-e.de/news.html.
>>> This interview is to download as a small 32 MB data reduced movie file (part I) here at >>> http://wetterfuehligkeit.npage.de/get_file.php?id=31161254&vnr=579860

>>> The PART II >>> An interview of Florian König and it's ELECTROMAGNETIC POLLUTION neutralising devices, medical relations plus scientific documents from October 8th 2016 is to see here: https://www.muenchen.tv/mediathek/kategorie/sendungen/der-muenchner-medi...

>>> Or as data reduced file to download here >>> http://wetterfuehligkeit.npage.de/get_file.php?id=31253843&vnr=255186

Febr. & July & Nov. 2017: Check this Germany written actual publication about meteorosensitiviry & sferics and the neutralisation of electronics smog (see elimination of health impact effects on humans based on cell tests et cetera):
Another third paper was published in Nov. 2017 parallely regarding held lectures & demo's during symposium's in Oct.2017; more details as well checkt here "KEY NEWS" and this LINK for 2018: https://www.raum-und-zeit.com/shop/raum-zeit-thema-hefte/mobilfunk-und-e... (it is the "Themen-Heft" iss. 33).
>>> Scientific basics on this topics (mainly our technology = http://www.fk-e.de/news.html) are published by a re-viewed paper at "Integrative Molecular Medicine" 2017, papers title called "Neutralization of wireless DECT base radiation by novel resonance devices" (authors: Peter C. Dartsch³ and Florian M. König²
³Dartsch Scientific GmbH, Institut für zellbiologische Testsysteme, Auf der Voßhardt 25, D-49419 Wagenfeld, Germany
²Florian König Enterprises (FKE) GmbH, Finkenstraße 1, D-82110 Germering, Germany).
>>> Starting end of April 2017 we are coorperating with www.dieastronautin.de; the first femail astronaut will fly to the ISS / space station in 2020 and we support this international ISS program by our own music productions (see down/left side the LINK to Facebook/Maya-Music2017 and http://www.fk-e.de/musik.html); more foto's & details at http://www.fk-e.de/news.html.
>>> Febr. 2018 >>> In addition we made a proposal at the press conference 02.16.2018 (Univ. Garching/Munich/Germany) for research project on the ISS 2020 by the female astronaut, that the ISS cabine habitat should be nature-related identic seeing the electro-magnetic climate on earth: Evolutionary grown up having sferics = fair weather fields as "reference EMF" at the VLF-ELF range of frequencies. More links and details at: http://www.wellcans.com/en/prominent.php

>>> Sept./Oct./Nov. 2017: A word first unique SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 - all in one now: High-End frontal/ spatial reproduction of sound plus an additional "fair weather field emitter".
>>> Additionally another prominent act like a lecture at the Slovenian parlament on Nov. 30th 2017; check this web space for the headphone and lectur (photographs) by http://www.wellcans.com/en/prominent.php.
More technical info's at: www.wellcans.com (issued &amp; sales start end of Sept. 2017)More technical info's at: www.wellcans.com (issued & sales start end of Sept. 2017)

Finally 2017 we went to two exhibitions in CHINA successfully (April & Aug. 2017); see NEWS as announced and the CN advertisement and secondly an information Flyer attached by the following LINKs:

Main topics 2018 by lectures please check our KEY NEWS. Main Evenets = lectures are dated at March 2. / 4. and the http://2018.daga-tagung.de/en/program/ <> see lecture on "30 years anniversary of interdisziplinary science & developments in surround sound headphones an beyond topics seeing health aspects".

Main news for 2018: Base on our leader sponsoring www.dieastronautin.de in April 2017, we are symbiotically linked to the initiative "First Astronaut 2020 in Space". We suggest two scientific research and observation projects for the ISS: https://astronautin.hyvecrowd.com/phase.

"Historical" German WEB pages are: www.fk-e.de or www.gegen-elektrosmog.de

In MEMORIAM "the father", his difficult life because of the 2. World War and a world active scientist (in USA & Germany) Prof. Dr.-Ing.em.* Herbert L. König, Techn. University of Munich / Germany: Thunderstorms plus it’s lightings produce SFERICS and the SCHUHMANN-RESONANCE at least! An electromagnetic basics for earth’s life ….

Pro-active held lecture due to Biofeedback body reactions on EMF &amp; Acoustics 20th March 20013 in Meran/IT; www.aia-daga.euPro-active held lecture due to Biofeedback body reactions on EMF & Acoustics 20th March 20013 in Meran/IT; www.aia-daga.eu

Sferics Recording at La Palma (Canarian Islands / Espania) in 3-2009Sferics Recording at La Palma (Canarian Islands / Espania) in 3-2009

Sferics Recording Analysis at La Palma in 3-2009Sferics Recording Analysis at La Palma in 3-2009

Techics Analysis at La Palma near damaged trees/ground in 3-2009Techics Analysis at La Palma near damaged trees/ground in 3-2009

Official proposal: Scientific investigations for a much more nature-related habitat at the future space station flights and now ISS by "Sferics-Noise in Space" (see the first Germanan femail ISS astronaut program 2020): https://astronautin.hyvecrowd.com/contribution/show/2219

A word first unique SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 - all in one now: High-End frontal/ spatial reproduction of sound plus an additional "fair weather field emitter": More technical info's at: www.wellcans.com (issued &amp; sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:More technical info's at: www.wellcans.com (issued & sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:

We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017

Held lecture www.aia-daga.eu, Meran 20th March 2013Held lecture www.aia-daga.eu, Meran 20th March 2013

That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".


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Weather situation


Keine signifikanten Wolken, patches of fog
  • Keine signifikanten Wolken, patches of fog
  • Temperatur: 7 °C
  • Wind: S, 1.9 km/h
  • Luftdruck: 1022 hPa
  • Rel. Luftfeuchte: 100 %
  • Sicht: 2.2 km
Berichtet am:
9. Oktober 2018 - 0:20