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Muggerl - Posted on 06 August 2008

Sferics PC Board PrototypeSferics PC Board Prototype

  • The first working device in 2006 ...
  • We don't have a VISION only, we have a MISSION!
  • We like to bring back a piece of nature towards the nature and human environment". Our industrialization brought artificial influences for bio-systems like human made EMF (electro-magnetic fields). Now we pick up (copy) the natures NICE WEATHER FIELD as a neutral protecting information since millions of Years existing for our earth living evolution: No alarming information for upcoming thunderstorms/tornado's for animals to run away or having weather-related disease as a well known effect ... Furthermore imagine: It's a portable device to emit for instance the "Californian nice weather field" all over the world at any place - not only a slogan! And where we like to go untill 2012 you can image at the following "Future Sferics Development Tree" graphics.
  • Sferics generator as a revelry in 2007Sferics generator as a revelry in 2007

    Mini-Sferics-Player + Antenna in November 2010Mini-Sferics-Player + Antenna in November 2010

    The portable nice weather field generator for everyone's WELLBEING:

    • Less huge headache
    • Like migraine or disease caused irritations (as by brain tumors)
    • Less weather change body effects like endogenic depressions
    • Less nervous overstimulation
      (hint: South German "Foehn" or changing weather conditions elicits/provokes it's typical pains after med.operations). Break in high significantly correlation's between bad weather and sleeping problems, epileptic seizures, acute hearing loss, probable influenced thrombozyt functions are antizipated using this new generator (Disseration-Lit.: E. Jacobi / DE1979; R. Sandhagen / DE1990; C. Moritz / DE1993; M. Znorowski / DE1996). The first pc board developments were supported by the German government and it's till 2004. This movie shows a portable "nice weather field emitter" and describes "weather sensivity" the first time in TV - in German:

    Sferics / Technics EMF OverviewSferics / Technics EMF Overview

    Future Sferics development treeFuture Sferics development tree

  • Don't miss sferics basics of Walter Sönning and it's "first analysis" at
  • Besides I like to remind you for example 1.) to the REFLEX study of Prof. Adlkofer (Germany, Munich; 2.) Some actual news around EMF health protecting news's or my new papers linked by 3.) A main link to a huge cancer study 1998-2015 in Sweden (one more prove seeing man mad EMF's negatively for health) by
  • The same context and the needs in
    additional natural SFERICS field emissions are underlined here at some further important EMC/EMF LINK's: See my link list around and so on.
  • Please take a look at the video of Ms. Prof. Cindy Sage (USA)
  • The doctoral thesis around natural & artificial lighnings effects of Mr. Prof. Cummer / Standford Univ:
  • The generator's main research and patents relates to a doctoral thesis of D.Sc. Florian M. König in USA 2004 (visit dissertation or get the DE book: "Die Natur braucht Chaos" linked here).
  • Don't be confused to read this NEWS: First investigation results on plants by there biophoton emissions tested in Aug. 2008 show, that nice weather fields or SFERICS improve a lichens vitality instead of emitted technical alternating fields (degrades it) ... the nature detects or knowns "fair or nice weather"; we call it SFERICS.
  • And at least all this developments are for you - smart products to realize a benifit for humans at an urban daily "synthtic EMF habitat". But after MILLIONS of years evolution we're realy not adatpted to an only 100 years existing new artificial EMF city climate. It is needed something as daily accessories like a SFERICS-HEADPHONE as our newest device 2017:
  • Official proposal: Scientific investigations for a much more nature-related habitat at the future space station flights and now ISS by "Sferics-Noise in Space" (see the first Germanan femail ISS astronaut program 2020):

    A word first unique SFERICS-HEADPHONE SH-S1 - all in one now: High-End frontal/ spatial reproduction of sound plus an additional "fair weather field emitter": More technical info's at: (issued & sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:More technical info's at: (issued & sales start end of Sept. 2017). Main previous events:

    We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017We had a successful exhibition in August 16th/18th 2017 in GUNGZHOU / China: Or done in April 10th -12th 2017

    Held lecture, Meran 20th March 2013Held lecture, Meran 20th March 2013

    That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".That's it: Sferics as a Nice Weather EMF, 3D spectrum - read more at "a vision becomes true".


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    Weather situation


    Keine signifikanten Wolken, patches of fog
    • Keine signifikanten Wolken, patches of fog
    • Temperatur: 7 °C
    • Wind: S, 1.9 km/h
    • Luftdruck: 1022 hPa
    • Rel. Luftfeuchte: 100 %
    • Sicht: 2.2 km
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